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I need more swimmers on my dash ^^

His angelic smile

Happy Birthday, Sousuke [Sept 14th]


tadomaki's top 10 favorite sports idiots :
#6 tachibana makoto, free!

But the ocean is so calm right now…  Plus, everybody’s here with me. 


書問 ハイキューも大好きだから。


Hello my Nakama!

We did it! It’s here! The second group of first One Piece coloring collab worked hard and we brought you our art! And does it look awesome or what?!

So many different styles in one and I totally love it! I want to thank these people for the hard work and such talent - you’re awesome! Thank you for participating! It was an honor of having the opportunity to work with you, see and combine all these styles. Wonderful!

And it wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for this wonderful line art.

The image is so damn big, so here’s the bigger resolution on dA.

Lastly, these are the characters and great people that colored them: 

✖ Franky ✖ Chopper ✖ Sanji ✖ Nami ✖ Luffy ✖ Brook ✖ Robin ✖ Usopp ✖ Zoro ✖